Case Studies

It is interesting to read the dozens of heart-felt letters from parents and teachers to the developers of ClickN’ READ Phonics. Their joy and relief at the childrens’ rapid progress is heart warming.

But, Enthusiasm and warm fuzzies aside, I saw little hard evidence of positive results of using ClickN’ READ Phonics. Here are the only two letters I could find that contained any attempt to quantify the childrens’ results:

Kimberly Gully, Special Education, N.B. Cook Elementary, FL says:
“Since one of my kindergarten students began using ClickN READ Phonics, he has come from a 7 on Initial Sound Fluency to a 32. He has also been able to sound out words 100% better than when he first began coming to my classroom. I have only been seeing this student since December. This program is wonderful. I highly recommend it to other teachers. I love using it!”
Frank J. Nosal, Educational Technologist, US Dept of Defense Elementary School says:
ClickN’ READ Phonics has proven to be a viable online remediation tool which is closely linked to the DoDEA reading and language arts curriculum. The results of the program have been remarkable. The average school gain on the Scholastic SRI test scores was +119 points. Students who significantly used ClickN’ READ Phonics on average scored +18 points higher than the average school gain.”

If you have a pre-school or early school child, definitely check out, and, let your child try out the two free online demo lessons of ClickN’ READ Phonics.

ps. Please visit the ClickN’ READ Phonics site right now while you are thinking of it — its easy to try out the free lessons and no sign up is required. Just click the blue Try Lesson 15 or Try Lesson 78 buttons.
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