Teaching Children to Read
 – Its Harder Now

Distraction From TV and Video Games
Takes Reading Away From Today’s Children

I am a father. “Now”, as they say in action movies, “its personal“. My son is a bright boy but, like many children, he has occasional problems with certain subjects at school. He also isn’t as interested in reading as some would like him to be [update: the Harry Potter & Sherlock Holmes books may have saved the day]. I became concerned because a child that falls behind in reading skills not only misses out on the pleasure of reading but also has a disadvantage in keeping up with his or her schoolwork.

Seeing a child reading and enjoying it is a pleasure and it bodes well for the child’s future. So, I began searching for web sites and software that could act as a reading tutor. So far I have not been able to find as many as I might have expected. I’m continuing my search and will share the results on this site. Fortunately, for teaching reading to young children (even kindergarten), there is one site that stands out: ClickN’ READ Phonics.

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